Nutrition in cooking…

As I’m sure many of you know by now, I am fascinated and obsessed with food. Food history, techniques, ingredients and flavors have driven my thoughts for years.

The one area which until the last year or so that never really came into this was nutrition. I don’t think I’m alone. As chefs we are pressured to create great tasting and interesting food. The furthest chefs tend to look at is balancing protein, carbs and veg. For years, even this concept frustrated me. If I felt I created a delicious plate of the food without any carbohydrate on it then the last thing I wanted to do was put a token potato on the side. To tell the truth, I still believe this and would simply advise people to have a carb heavy meal as one of their others that day.

So, to ask any chef why eating a beetroot is a good idea past the fact it tastes nice is always going to be an interesting concept. I was a head chef and wouldn’t have been able to answer that.

Over the past year I have been on a journey and most of that I have ran. To do this, I have been learning that I need to understand what we eat and why we should eat it.

During this time I have met Mary Anne Fifield & Dr Ali Khavandi of the Cardiologists kitchen who I am really proud to be working with. This has taught me the importance of looking after the heart with food. I have been helping them to create heart healthy food without compromising on the flavour.

I am going on a journey to talk about why we should eat certain things to improve body and mind…

Watch this space..