ohhhhh, honey!

What a treat!

I wanted to write a post that doesn’t have any recipes, doesn’t involve any traveling and definitely doesn’t involve anything fancy!

I have always been fascinated by ingredients that are simply best eaten on their own. Lets be honest, the best thing to do with good quality honey is to eat it with a teaspoon! Another great example of this is the Strawberry. It can be lovely to make things with them but the best thing to do is just eat them, with a touch of sugar if they aren’t sweet enough.

I’m sure honey is great for us in terms of being a potential substitute for refined sugars, but more importantly is tastes good. It tastes of where it comes from, if there are wild flowers near the hive then it will have that floral hint. I’m not fortunate enough to have been to New Zealand but when I do, that first taste of manuka honey sure will be special.

I’m in the process of trying to master something called honeycake, which just the name sounds amazing. I had some in Perth during my recent trip to Australia and Ive been transfixed ever since. I traced its roots back to Russia of all places.

Go out to a farm shop, buy a local honey and enjoy it for what it is. You can have the exact same culinary experience as a Michelin star chef… thats a thought right?

And if you can, do it in the sunshine…