The need for a Burger!

The Handmade Burger Co. in Bath

BlogDeMenthe Score ~~ 2/5~~

I love burgers. End of.

All always have and always will. Some days it is all I want and more times than not it has to be cooked by someone else.

This afternoon was one of those days. I decided to do something I rarely do,  go to a chain restaurant. Id heard good reviews and quite fancied the lack of fuzz and didn’t want to have to think too much about where to go.

So I went to the handmade burger co. in Bath. Its new here I think but I believe they have restaurants all over the place. I also thought it would be fun to review it, essentially hoping it to be terrible to prove my normal opinion of chains.

So I am writing this whilst I wait for my food to arrive. So far, so good. Its a little loud and i don’t like the music much. The service is good, very chilled and friendly, just how i like it. I’m starving. I went for a big American style burger with some hipster fries as they call them.

So, the food arrives. The food showed me how far food in britain has come. I have eaten some great burgers and this wasn’t that great, but, it was still really nice and enjoyable. Based on this i still have to rate it fairly low, I paid £13 for it and it simply wasn’t worth that and you can get so much better!

So my conclusion to this is that if you do want something predictable perhaps a chain restaurant is OK, but I’m still not sure…

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