Blackened Asparagus, Kielbasa & dirty beans

Get ready UK… Asparagus season is coming!


Asparagus is one of the British gems that deserves to be loved, more importantly cooked with love.

Over the years I have done so many things with Asparagus, both as the main ingredient and as in more of a supporting role.

Simply served with a good mayo is one of my favorites. Goes great with my Saffron mayo!


Grilled Brocolli, Saffron Mayo

I wanted to do something a bit different and I was recently given some Kielbasa which is a lovely smoked sausage made in Poland.

I wanted something substantial so I decided to make some beans to go with it so bought some cannelloni beans which are great for being stewed with rich flavors.

Serves 2

For the beans

1 red onion (fine dice)

2 cloves of garlic (crushed but left whole)

Kielbasa (2 or 3 cured sausages – from a polish deli or some supermarkets)

1 tbsp smoked paprika

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp caraway seeds

1tsp sunflower seeds

1tsp pumpkin seeds

400 g cooked cannelloni beans (use dry if you can but tinned are fine)

1 tsp tomato puree

splash of red wine (optional)

about 200 ml beef stock

Fry your onions and garlic in your fat of choice until the onions start to go soft, do this on a low heat, be patient with it, its important because this is where the sweetness comes from in the dish. Next add the sliced sausage and the seeds. After a few more minutes add the remaining ingredients and slowly slowly cook for about 20 minutes adding a little water from time to time if it gets too dry. Season towards the end.

For the Asparagus

2 bunches of fresh English asparagus – the thinner the better (snapped in the middle with the woody ends kept for soup)

that’s it…

Heat a frying pan to a medium high heat, add your fat of choice and then throw in the asparagus. Cook for as long as you like. Some like it still with bite, I know I do but they still taste good cooked longer until soft.

To finish

a few sprigs of dill

a big spoon of creme fraiche

I like to spoon the creme fraiche in at the very last second and throw in your dill.