British Summer Fruit Salad

With Strawberry, raspberry & watermelon dressed with elder flower and micro coriander

I was asked to cater for the first of the Cardiologist Kitchen workshops. A great honor and one of my favorite projects to create menu’s for.

For the desert Ali asked me to create a fruit salad which would be so delicious it would encourage people to eat more fruit.

A simple fruit salad using British ingredients with an extra special touch ad something a little different.

Serves 4

1 punnet strawberries

1 punnet raspberries

an equal quantity of watermelon (approx 1/4 of a watermelon)

50ml good quality elderflower cordial (homemade if you made some in the spring)

a few sprigs of micro coriander (mine came from the wonderful teeny greeny farm in Trowbridge)

In terms of method its very simple. Chop your fruit to whatever size you prefer. I like a nice big chunk. A few hours before you plan to serve the salad, you want to macerate the strawberries in the elderflower cordial. When you serve, top with the micro coriander or fresh mint if you prefer.

British simplicity at its best. Fresh. Delicious. Very good for you.

Look out for Lee’s Teeny Greeny salads and herbs and have a read online.