Kanelbullar ~ more than a pastry ~ it’s a fika.

When traveling like a lot of people the first thing I like to do is go for a coffee and something to eat first thing in the morning. 9am is my favorite time.

In Sweden I found this to be the greatest treat of all. They have it down to the tee.

They call it a Fika which is where you stop in your day for a break to get a coffee and a treat. That treat traditionally is Kanelbullar. The mighty cinnamon bun.

Since I’ve come back and spoken to people about cinnamon buns many people have talked to me about ones they have had in America. That seems to be where they have taken off most. This would have included me until a few months ago. I had the most amazing bun at Disneyworld in Florida. Its my main memory of the place… I sure Donald duck was there somewhere though.

The Kanelbullar itself varies hugely place to place. Sometimes very bready like one I had in Gothenburg and sometimes super sweet and much closer to a french pastry. I had one like this is Malmo. There is also a variety called kardemummabulle which replaces cinnamon with cardamon. Its just as nice.

The coffee drinking culture is also great and fairly different to the UK. Even though they do drink espresso, it isn’t the norm. Most people simply drink filtered black coffee which you help yourself to and in most places can re-fill for free.

The best Kanelbullar I had came from the Robin Delselius Bageri in Stockholm.