What made me interested in cardiologists kitchen?

Ever Since Tom Bowles first discussed the idea of getting involved and hosting events with the Cardiologists kitchen it has fascinated me and I have wanted to become involved more and more.

As with a terrifying number of people I have had heart problems in  my family. My uncle lives in the United States and had heart surgery about 5 years ago. His diet was never the best and I was fascinated by the thought of what he would be eating during his recovery. I was a child of the 1990’s where it was very much believed that any fats and sugars were terrible for you. When I grew up and began cooking for myself I was always sure that using a little butter and eating ‘bad’ things in moderation was never going to do me any harm. So, when meeting Ali, I was fascinated to find out that to an extent I had the right idea.

I have been inspired by this concept and do my best to keep to this innovation in my work at Neston Farm Shop. I have met some fantastic people along the way including Emily from the Bath Farm Girls who produces Quinoa on the outskirts of Bath. To read more about my meeting with Emily have a look at my blog;

Quinoa… In Bath we grow.