Half way up Slievenamon even a pint of Bulmers sounded like a wonderful thing. More sweat leaving my body than I even felt possible. Four months ago I ran a marathon. Am I dying?

Slievenamon, Irish for ‘mountain of the women” is a spiritual beast of a mountain in County Tipperary near the town of Clonmel. The town is famous for being the home of Bulmers Cider (or Magners in the UK). As we drove past the factory I felt the sugar seeping into my pores. Vive la Thatchers by the way (it had to be said, Thatchers being the great Somerset cider)

Its about an hours walk to the summit I’m told. OK, this should be nice I this as we walk up a nice gentle path with Blackberries running alongside. If only I knew what was ahead. I would have gorged on the sweet sweet berries to build my strength.

We go through the complicated gate. The sheep will never crack it. Oh, this is the beginning. What are those dots? People. Jolly good. I’m pumped. I’m ready for a climb.

Fast forward 4 minutes (in truth it was probably about 20). Why did I put on a t-shirt straight from the washing machine? Why is it desert like conditions on an Irish mountain in September? Why cant I move my legs? Water, I need water.

A little sit down, a swig of water and a few jelly tots and I’m grand. Sorry, that’s it. I just lured you in to a tale of struggle and overcoming adversity. I bet you feel so dirty? The rest of the climb was amazing, with great views and we beat the green t-shirt women to the top. Victory!

Lets run down the mountain she says. But it will be so bad for our knees I say? It’ll be grand she says. Oh, OK I’ll give it a go I say. It was fun I say. My knee hurts she says.

Time for a pint. Base camp. Probably the worst pint in the world. Carlsberg’s fault or the pubs I don’t know. Taytos were wonderful. I think I’ll leave that there.

Dinner is a different story. Prego Pizza in Clonmel is situated inside your average corner shop on the outskirts of town. (http://pregopizzas.com/) Amazing Pizza, good one guys… Washed down with Long Ways cider. Also made in Clonmel close to the Bulmers factory. I can only smile at how much better it is.(http://longwayscider.ie/)

So, the moral to this story.

Running is better than walking. Never run down hills. Eat Pizza.


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